About Us

At Spaces, we create seamless experiences that are both intuitive and innovative. With a team composed of integrators and designers, our mission is to create a perfect client experience. Throughout 20 years in the industry of both home technology and design, we have learned that creating custom experiences begins with an understanding of how to interact with your environment.

Spaces brings elegance and uncompromising quality to each project. We offer ease, craftsmanship and service to residential and commercial properties. From lighting and automation to comfort and entertainment, Spaces will ensure your environments keep up with your lifestyle.

Experience the latest innovations in luxury home technology and design with us.

Winter Park

When creating a company, the most important questions one should ask is what service will you provide, where will you provide that service and is there a need. As the founder of Spaces, I asked myself those questions. When my partner and I decided to move to Winter Park to be closer to family, we noticed a change. We had been visiting Grand County for years, but this time felt different. With the increase in residents and rapid development, I knew there was opportunity. By utilizing 20 years of When we made the decision to provide 20 years of experience in home technology, design and integration to a place we love and cherish, it made sense. After discovering a lack of quality, craftsmanship and consideration